Consumers are tuning into mobile TV and video content at an increasing rate.

The analysis by mobile video provider QuickPlay Media, which aggregated usage statistics from 15 of its customers over the most recent third quarter, flies in the face of some analysts’ predictions that mobile TV growth would stall. QuickPlay said the results not only showed an increase in users, but also indicated that users were becoming more engaged with the services.

Video downloads increased by more than 87 percent over the previous quarter while average download per user was up 42 percent a month.

The video streams, which include live content as well as clips consumers can view in near real time, grew by more than 27 percent while average streams per user increased by 12 percent. Average stream duration in the third quarter was two minutes, 47 seconds.

"Results were particularly strong for our customers that offer integrated clients, where all types of mobile media are available from one interface. This makes discovery and navigation considerably faster and easier for the end consumer. Convenient trial options and attractive pricing packages also contributed to strong uptake," said Wayne Purboo, president and CEO, QuickPlay Media. "Looking ahead to 2009, we expect that interest in mobile TV and video will continue to develop, with a trend towards longer-form, premium content."

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