Invidi Technologies, which specializes in targeted advertising, announced today the formation of an advisory board that was designed to provide guidance on advanced advertising initiatives.

Invidi President David Downey said the board consists of GroupM Chief Investment Officer Rino Scanzoni, Starcom USA Senior Vice President and Video Innovation Director Tracey Scheppach, and Burt Manning, who is currently chairman emeritus of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Michael Kubin, Invidi’s executive vice president, chairs the advisory board.

“Addressable advertising is the Holy Grail of television advertising, but we want to make sure we do it right,” Kubin said. “To that end, Invidi’s advisory board is essential in providing real-world insights and no-kidding feedback.”

Invidi said the advisory board will ensure all participants – including multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs), television broadcasters, program networks, advertisers, media buyers and sellers – benefit from digital technology efficiencies and share in the value chain.

“We are especially proud that senior managers of two of the largest media buying groups in the world, GroupM and Starcom, have agreed to participate in Invidi's advisory board,” said Downey. “I look for Tracey, Rino, Burt and Michael to offer insightful and practical guidance for us as we bring addressable advertising to the media and marketing communities.”

Last month, Dish Network announced an agreement with Invidi to use Invidi’s Advatar technology to deliver addressable, targeted national and local television advertising.

Earlier this year, Motorola’s venture capital arm, Motorola Ventures, invested in Invidi (story here).

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