Cisco Systems will continue relying on Vecima Networks for key components of its DOCSIS-based product line. Vecima said Cisco will integrate its next generation upconverter module into the Cisco family of cable modem termination systems products.

Vecima is a longstanding supplier to Cisco. Surinder Kumar, Vecima’s chairman and CEO, said, “For over a decade, the partnership between Cisco and Vecima has succeeded in delivering the dominant CMTS product to the global marketplace. The signing of this new agreement is a testament to the strength of this ongoing relationship. We believe this arrangement optimally positions Vecima to be a leading supplier of DOCSIS based products, up to and including DOCSIS 3.0.”

The technology being supplied to Cisco under this arrangement has been developed over the last several years, and is foundational to Vecima's forthcoming DOCSIS 3.0 family of products, Vecima said.

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