OpenTV’s advertising management platform has found a foothold in more Comcast Spotlight markets. OpenTV said today that its EclipsePlus advertising campaign management offering has launched in two additional Comcast Spotlight markets.

Comcast Spotlight, the ad sales division of Comcast, has deployed EclipsePlus in its Philadelphia and Seattle markets, which OpenTV said were among the top designated market areas (DMAs) in the country.

Comcast Spotlight first launched EclipsePlus in its Baltimore market earlier this summer, once the product became available from OpenTV. (For more on Comcast Spotlight’s Baltimore trial, go here).

OpenTV said EclipsePlus was designed to meet the increasing complexity of cable spot buy operations through its ability to handle thousands of local and interconnect networks, schedule complicated channel environments and run multiple DMAs within a single database.

OpenTV said features for EclipsePlus included an automated scheduling system that improves inventory yield and reduces labor-intensive activities in large systems, as well as support for electronic, real-time data exchange. The hope for end result is that sales teams spend less time clearing orders and more time selling spots.

“Managing increasingly complex ad buys requires robust solutions that streamline processes and make the job easier for our ad sales teams,” said Steve Feingold, senior vice president of operations and strategic planning at Comcast Spotlight. “We’ve found those capabilities in EclipsePlus, and we look forward to rolling out the platform in additional markets.”

Paul Woidke is OpenTV’s senior vice president of advanced advertising after leaving his position as SVP of technology at Comcast Spotlight earlier this year.

“We are very pleased to bring our technology to Comcast Spotlight’s leading markets and provide them with what is a very strong product,” Woidke said.

Last year, Comcast Spotlight deployed OpenTV’s Eclipse Web Services 1.6, which was designed to provide new and increased efficiencies to Comcast Spotlight traffic departments, advertising sales teams and inventory specialists (story here).

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