ANAHEIM, Calif. – Yesterday at the TelcoTV show, Nortel Networks unveiled a new video developer program that was designed to help third-party developers quickly come up with new applications for service providers.

Nortel said the program was designed to help service providers meet the growing demand for advanced video services such as sharing media across multiple devices, including computers, TVs and mobile phones.

Through the program, third-party developers can build new video applications using a toolkit of basic and advanced services on the Nortel Video Services Platform (VSP) 9500, which was launched earlier this year (story here).

The Nortel VSP 9500 was designed to facilitate the rapid introduction of new services on a cable or IPTV network. It uses open interfaces based on Web services, enabling applications to be easily developed and deployed.

The VSP 9500 platform is part of a larger Nortel corporate initiative to develop SOA-enabled software and services. Third-party application developers who subscribe to Nortel's VSP Application Developer Program are able to access a variety of VSP 9500 development resources in order to develop their video applications.

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