IPTV headend services provider Midwest Video Solutions (MVS) intends to start deploying Motorola’s MPEG-4 Network Encoder by the end of the year, according to the vendor.

The upgrade to the Motorola multichannel MPEG-4 AVC network encoder family will enable MVS to migrate two diverse MPEG-2 headend platforms at Motorola’s MPEG-4 Network Encoderseparate locations to a single consolidated MPEG-4 platform, streamlining the delivery of content while accelerating the delivery of personalized media experiences and increasing programming choice for customers.

“After an extensive competitive testing process, Motorola’s network encoders demonstrated superior video quality and cost effectiveness, giving us confidence in our purchasing decision,” said Marty Snustead, executive director of Midwest Video Solutions. “This implementation will enable MVS to offer its members higher quality IPTV services at greater distances and provide additional streams to their subscribers.”

MVS provides IPTV services to 16 member companies throughout the Upper Midwest and internationally.

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