Imake Software & Services has added a low-cost, entry-level asset management module to its OpenVision software suite.

The OpenVision Digital Media Manager was developed out of Imake’s enterprise-level Asset Management System and was scaled down to ingest and distribute 500 assets or less per month.

Imake said the Digital Media Manager was scaled down to make it more appropriate for service providers.

The Digital Media Manager is capable of ingesting content from multiple locations in multiple formats, such as SD, HD, Windows Media 9, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4.

Imake - Digital Medai Manager 
Digital Media Manager Solution OverviewClick Here to Enlarge

The Digital Media Manager allows operators to log into the system from any location via Internet browser technology to edit metadata, oversee content pre-processing functions and view the distribution status of digital assets.

The new software element is integrated with Widevine and Verimatrix encryption, as well as Edgeware and StreamStar video servers.

The new entry-level module can scale directly back up to the original enterprise level as asset management volumes increase, Imake said.

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