BigBand Networks has combined its new Media Services Platform (MSP) 2000 with both Verimatrix’s VCAS and Widevine’s Cypher encryption systems to insert ads directly into encrypted video streams, no decrypting and re-encrypting necessary.

The combination gives service providers a cost-effective solution for inserting advertising on encrypted high-definition and standard-definition video streams, in both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 formats. 

This added benefit, BigBand says, is supporting scalable, network-based ad insertion without requiring changes to the set-top boxes (STBs) or other consumer premises equipment.

Additionally, BigBand said, the BigBand MSP2000 provides the flexibility to locate splicing nearer to the edge of the operator's network for improved ad targeting without compromising programming security.

“Our goal is to ensure that programming and advertising are delivered securely and timely for consumers, regardless of pay media or ad-supported revenue models," said Doug Light, Widevine's senior vice president of global sales. “We share a common goal with BigBand to support service providers delivering personalized TV and advertising services securely to all consumers."

“We're pleased to work with BigBand to expand the applications of VCAS content protection and to enable new business approaches in secure content delivery," said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer for Verimatrix. “Now more than ever, the move to personalized TV and content delivery over multiple devices in a secure environment requires smart and flexible technology that protects valuable content and makes encryption seamless to the consumer."

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