Customer service representatives at SuddenLink Communications have been using a software system from Pluris that the MSO says has led to a quantifiable improvement in sales.

Suddenlink reported increased sales at a rate that translates to approximately 13,000 more orders per year from call-center sales alone.

Pluris’ Offer Management solution is predicated on a software system the company calls the Marketing Optimization and Recommendation Engine. The More software applies analytics, econometric models, and optimization algorithms to pinpoint the most appropriate offer and associated messaging for each customer, in addition to the appropriate products or bundles for that consumer.

“Our Offer Management solution enables companies to go beyond traditional campaign targeting practices and actually personalize what is offered across all elements of the offer mix, right down to the exact message points that should be used for one customer versus another,” explained Michael Caccavale, CEO of Pluris.

SuddenLink’s vice president of sales channels Scott Terrill said, “We believe the return on investment will be greater than traditional marketing programs and will have a positive spillover effect on loyalty and retention rates as well.”

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