At the Broadband World Forum in Europe, Jungo took the wraps off new residential gateway software that supports a faster channel-changing feature for IPTV providers.

Jungo, which is a division of NDS Group, said its OpenRG residential gateway softer offers the same channel-changing user experience as cable and satellite providers without impacting picture quality. The software works with any off-the-shelf IPTV set-top box, Jungo said.

“Channel switching time is a major issue in the IPTV industry. Jungo is pleased to be able to offer operators a solution that will deliver an enhanced experience to users, and therefore help service providers to grow their businesses,” said Jungo CTO Arik Gilad.

Jungo said its new technology removes channel-switching overheads by employing an innovative mix of tactics, including an enhancement of the regular IGMP Leave and Fast-Leave operations - otherwise known as “aggressive leave” – the monitoring of available resources such as bandwidth and virtual circuits (VCs), and intelligent bandwidth usage assumptions.

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