Comcast isn’t waiting for the digital transition in February; it’s going after customers now with a new ad campaign offering new customers a one-year introductory rate of $10 a month for basic cable.

The campaign pitch, called “Get Ready,” aims to grab a share of the estimated 13 million U.S. households that currently get only over-the-air broadcast TV who might want to avoid getting a converter box, and possibly a new antenna.

Anyone who signs up for an additional service will receive free basic cable for 12 months. Comcast offers voice and data for $24.95 each.

Current customers can add basic cable to additional TVs at no additional monthly fee, Comcast said.

“We can professionally install basic cable service on every cable-ready TV and will deliver more channels with no new boxes, no new remote, no antennas and no reception issues,” said Derek Harrar, general manager and senior vice president of video services for Comcast. “DTV is a landmark event in the history of television, and we’re doing everything we can to help.”

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