Earlier this week, the American Cable Association (ACA) formally requested that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) address the disparity in regulatory fees between cable operators and satellite providers.

In its Monday filing with the FCC, the ACA said the current regulatory fee structure unfairly favors satellite TV providers over cable operators and is particularly onerous for small- and medium-size cable operators.

“In today’s highly competitive video market, it is a matter of fairness to apply the same regulatory fee structure to both cable and satellite TV,” said ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka. “By continuing to permit this unjustifiable inequality, the Commission is causing irreparable competitive harm to cable operators, particularly in small markets and rural areas where satellite TV is the dominant provider.”

In its filing, the ACA said small- and medium-size cable operators were paying regulatory fees that were more than 11 times greater than those paid by Dish Network and DirecTV. The ACA said the FCC should impose per-subscriber fees on all video providers.

The ACA’s filing was in support of recent comments filed by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) in regards to implementing a uniform, per-subscriber fee structure.

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