After conducting an internal audit, Verizon has found that its goal of improving the quality of its FiOS installations in the state of New York has fallen short.

According to the Albany Times Union, some officials in the state Public Service Commission (PSC) are asking that Verizon be forced to stop its installations in New York City until its installation processes are improved. Verizon, which is locked in a battle for subscribers in New York City with Time Warner Cable and Cablevision, is against stopping its installations.

This summer, Verizon came up with a grounding remediation plan as part of a PSC program to ensure that technicians are properly grounding the fiber-optic terminals. As part of that plan, Verizon said it would ensure that 95 percent of the systems were properly grounded, but in the first month of sampling it found 83 percent were properly grounded.

In a sampling of 15.5 percent of the older FiOS installations in New York, 59 percent in Queens were not in compliance with electrical grounding standards, according to the audit.

A Verizon spokesman told the Times Union that the first two weeks of this month showed a 94 percent correct installation rate statewide.

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