Mushroom Networks has introduced a one-sided, wireless broadband-bonding appliance that can aggregate the bandwidth of up to five wireless network connections to deliver the fastest-available mobile Internet connection.

Mushroom’s new PortaBella targets mobile Internet access applications in addition to high-bandwidth or video-heavy vertical markets, such as news-gathering agencies, mobile TV broadcasting, military, government and emergency response.

The PortaBella is based on the company’s Broadband Bonding technology, which aggregates the capacity of as many as five USB-based cellular data cards, providing increased access to bandwidth both in the uplink and downlink directions.

“We are solving a key pain point for markets that demand reliable and high-speed Internet where the application is not otherwise suitable for wired Internet alternatives,” said Cahit Akin, co-founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks. “Imagine a mobile news-gathering vehicle streaming video from the field, or a highway traffic monitoring system, or a temporary construction trailer, which requires a fast and reliable connection immediately.”

The PortaBella appliance is now available at a starting price of $1,595.

Mushroom Networks said it “is actively pursuing channel partners to expand PortaBella’s reach across its targeted verticals.”

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