Motorola is hitting WiMAX World with a set of new products and demonstrations of the technology.

The show, being held in Chicago, runs from today until Thursday (Oct. 2).

Motorola demonstrations will include:

  • Media Mobility, representing the end-to-end delivery of personal media from video encoding and encapsulation, network and media management, WiMAX access, WiMAX-enabled devices and media mobility use cases
  • Opportunities for operators to evaluate the WiMAX business case
  • wi4 Wireless Access Point (WAP) 450 outdoor solution, complete with outdoor Base Control Unit II (BCUII) and integrated backhaul; the wi4 WAP 450 is a compact, high-power, carrier-class access point that is paired with the common platform BCUII to enhance network coverage and capacity while reducing OPEX and CAPEX
  • Network and operations management solutions, including Network Management System (NMS), information on the Service Activation Gateway (SAG), and Integrated Billing and Operational Support Systems (iBOSS) solutions that keep carrier-grade WiMAX networks running at optimal performance
  • Simultaneous use of WiMAX, Wi-Fi and 3G connections via channel bonding to illustrate how operators can maintain the relationship with their customers even when the customer is roaming
  • Online gaming and social networking
  • A series of demonstrations by mobile broadcast applications specialist Roundbox, such as datacast active wallpaper, datacast radio and electronic service guide

Though the focus is on WiMAX technology and services, Motorola will spend part of its efforts at defining the target market for WiMAX services. They’re dropped into several categories, according to Motorola, including millennials, who need to be in touch and live via social networks; road warriors, for whom productivity on the go is a must; and homelife enhancers, the busy set of parents, retired professionals and others who want technology to improve their lives.

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