JDSU has released a new product in its line of testers for FTTx networks. The MTS/T-BERD-4000 is a modular handheld test instrument that provides communications service providers with a toolbox to perform tests from the physical layer to the application layer.

The MTS/T-BERD-4000 combines the functionality of an OTDR, PON meter, LTS, video inspection scope, VFL power meter and laser source.

"Understanding that FTTx service providers worldwide face multiple topologies to manage, it became obvious that we had to design a compact, multi-layer solution to enable FTTx crews to rapidly install and maintain their networks," said Dave Holly, JDSU’s vice president and general manager in the Communications Test & Measurement business segment. "Not only were multiple pieces of test equipment required before the introduction of the MTS/T-BERD-4000, but also it provides a compact and rugged platform as a single tester, further reducing investment and training costs."

The MTS/T-BERD-4000 incorporates a 7-inch display screen with an ergonomic and intuitive graphical user interface, similar to the MTS/T-BERD-6000 and MTS/T-BERD-8000.

There are also functions such as automated scripting capability and data reporting, a Web browser for Internet access, remote control access allowing remote assistance, 1 GB extended memory and extended battery life using smart Lithium ion cells.

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