DOCSIS 3.0 will vastly expand MSOs’ upstream capacity. Trilithic said its recently introduced TC-1 TraffiControl Option for its 860 analyzer allows cable operators to see ingress present “underneath” an upstream cable modem channel, as well as any bursty signal.

Viewing this interference on an analyzer has been difficult, at best, because the spectrum display shows the highest signal at any given frequency, and if things are working according to design, this will be the service signal.

Using a “min hold” feature to eliminate the time division multiplexed signal and reveal the spectrum below isn’t the solution, Trilithic explained, because interference will be minimized as well, possibly even removing the transient interfering signal from the display by showing only the minimum measured levels at each point of scan resolution.

The TraffiControl display shows three traces: a Traffic trace, a Live Noise trace and a Peak Noise trace.

The TraffiControl TC-1 Option is now available.

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