Optimum Lightpath is offering a video transport service for media companies. Optimum Lightpath can provide encoding and decoding of digital video, as well.

Lightpath Managed Video, running on the company’s carrier Ethernet network, is a mileage-neutral, flat-rate service, which the company said will provide significant savings versus traditional video services.

“With the launch of our Lightpath Managed Video service, Optimum Lightpath now offers a complete and unsurpassed suite of both managed and transport video services designed to meet the needs of the broadcast, entertainment and enterprise markets, who are embracing IP as an enabler of information and content distribution,” said Dave Pistacchio, general manager of Optimum Lightpath.

“This service offers a true alternative to traditional video services and a more economical alternative to satellite,” Pistacchio continued. “Additionally, we are able to leverage our state-of-the-art fiber optic network to offer our customers greater flexibility, resiliency and simplicity than any other provider in the market.”

Ascent Media is an early customer for the new service.

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