Entone has placed its Hydra high-definition (HD) IP video gateway and Amulet HD IPTV receiver with Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc. (PTCI), which is using the equipment for its rollout of an HD IPTV service in both the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles.

PTCI services include local and long-distance telephony, digital interactive TV, digital cable TV with 140+ channels, TV Web surfing, digital video recorder (DVR), high-speed Internet and wireless service with free mobile-to-mobile.

“To be competitive in this dynamic marketplace, we needed a reliable, whole-home network solution that would allow us to cost-effectively deliver new and advanced IPTV services, such as HDTV, on-screen caller ID and interactive applications,” said Ron Strecker, CEO of PTCI. “We selected the Entone solution because of its field-proven track record and its ability to deliver these advanced services without having to rewire our subscriber’s home, thus expediting our rollout by reducing truck rolls.”

The Hydra HD IP video gateway and Amulet IPTV receiver are part of Entone’s Connected Home Solution.

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