Comcast is working with Vonage as part of its ongoing effort to develop fair network management techniques.

The two will collaborate to find ways that “balance the need to avoid network congestion with the need to ensure that VoIP services work well for consumers,” Comcast said.

Vonage chief technology officer Louis Mamakos said “Although we’re competitors with Comcast, this understanding helps our two companies work together to balance the needs of network management with consumers’ ability to freely access the services, applications and content of their choice.”

“This collaboration with Vonage, and our outreach to many key participants in the Internet community, demonstrate that we are committed to provide network management solutions that benefit consumers and competition,” said Comcast CTO Tony Werner.

In March, Comcast announced it would move to a protocol-agnostic network management approach by the end of 2008, and tests on this approach have already begun. Comcast has announced other collaborations with BitTorrent and Pando Networks, as well as participation in the P4P Working Group organized by the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA).

Comcast has also participated in the IETF Workshop on P2P Infrastructure, and will continue to collaborate in the IETF with other ISPs, P2P providers, and others on technologies related to network management and P2P application development.

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