Montreal-based Vidéotron achieved a milestone when it announced that it had signed up its millionth customer for the company’s broadband service.

“Reaching the million mark of subscribers to our Internet products is truly a sign of trust from our customers,” said Manon Brouillette, chief VP of strategic development and commerce for Vidéotron. “But we are also demonstrating the importance we attach to customer satisfaction by offering a complete range of services tailored to Internet users of all kinds.”

Montreal West Island resident Valérie Ruah was the millionth customer; she won a one-year subscription to Vidéotron’s “Quattro” package. She will also participate on TVA’s TV program, “Le Banquier,” which is a “Deal or no Deal” spin-off.

In April, Vidéotron said that the millionth “illico” digital television receiver had been put on the market. illico is the name of the company’s interactive television (iTV) system.

In February, Vidéotron announced the completion of its wideband channel bonding deployment with downstream speeds of 30 Mbps and 50 Mbps using Cisco gear (story here).

Earlier this week, Vidéotron’s parent company, Quebecor Media Inc., said that it was the successful bidder on 17 operating licenses for third-generation (3G) Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) (story here).

As of March 31, Vidéotron was serving nearly 1.7 million cable television customers in Québec, including 802,800 illico digital TV subscribers. Also at the end of March, Vidéotron had activated 49,900 lines on its wireless telephony service and was providing cable telephone service to nearly 691,600 Québec households and organizations.

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