RCN Corp. has appointed Charles E. Levine to the company’s board of directors, which now includes seven members.

Levine is currently an independent director of technology-focused companies and a management consultant.

At Sprint PCS, now Sprint Nextel, Levine served as the chief sales and marketing officer, and as president, and helped the company significantly grow revenue. At AT&T, he helped lead turnarounds in the consumer products and small-business markets and led the development of products focused on small businesses.

Levine currently serves as chairman of the board of directors at Openwave Systems and Sierra Wireless, and he has served on the boards of Visage Technology, Somera Communications, L1 Identity Systems and Lexar Media.

On the Fourth of July, RCN started switching some of its customers in the Boston area to all-digital programming (story here), which will free up additional bandwidth for RCN and allow the company to offer more standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) programming.

The project, known as “Analog Crush,” involves a 100 percent migration to all-digital video. The project started in Chicago, where RCN reclaimed nearly 80 analog channels that were being duplicated with digital simulcast, or 400 MHz of video spectrum, for other uses. RCN said that in Chicago, it now offers more HD and SD channels than other cable providers and is seeking additional content.

And last week, RCN added 10 new HD channels in its New York City footprint (story here). RCN’s New York market serves much of Manhattan and Queens. Time Warner Cable provides services in the New York City boroughs of Staten Island, Manhattan and Queens, while Time Warner Cable and Cablevision both provide video service in parts of Brooklyn.

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