Widevine Technologies has enhanced its digital rights management (DRM) product, Cypher for Digital Media, so that it now supports seek capabilities within streamed content.

Initially working with H.264 and Flash-based content viewed using the Adobe Player, the new feature enables random access features, such as jumping ahead of the PDL buffer, bookmarks and jumping backwards.

This new capability builds upon Widevine's previous Flash support, which includes securing distribution and consumption of streamed, progressive downloaded and file downloaded content.

Widevine said the feature works with any HTTP server and can be made to support other major video formats.

Cypher for Digital Media secures Flash, Microsoft Windows Media, H.264, MPEG-2, VP-6, VP-7, Flash Lite and the Silverlight platform for delivery and playback on Windows, Mac and Linux-based computers. Its renewable PC client uniquely secures content during delivery, storage and playback.

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