At the Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia this week, RGB Networks is demonstrating how operators can maximize available bandwidth to enable the delivery of more high-definition (HD) and video-on-demand (VOD) services, as well as how operators can generate new revenue through zoned and targeted advertising to help offset the cost of network expansions.

The company’s primary product demonstrations include:

  • RGB’s Dynamic Bandwidth Manager (DBM), which enables the delivery of 50 percent more VOD programs per 6 MHz channel without requiring additional bandwidth. The DBM dynamically reduces the bandwidth requirements of VOD streams without impacting picture quality or requiring any pre-processing. In the demonstration, the DBM will interoperate with related components of a complete VOD solution, including VOD servers and QAM modulators from multiple vendors.
  • The delivery of three HD programs in a single 6 MHz channel while maintaining optimal picture quality. In this demonstration, the transrating capability of the Broadcast Network Processor (BNP) is being used to reduce the bandwidth requirement of each HD program without affecting picture quality, enabling cable operators to deliver up to 50 percent more HD programming without increasing bandwidth.
  • How operators can double their revenue opportunity through the use of digital overlays. By overlaying text, graphics and motion video on local and national ads, as well as other programming, operators can reduce ad production costs and potentially double ad avails.
  • A joint demonstration with ActiveVideo Networks showing an interactive advertising application in which programmers can insert graphic elements into linear channels that prompt viewers to switch directly to an ActiveVideo Channel or advertising showcase. This demonstration combines the graphical overlay capabilities of RGB’s BNP with ActiveVideo’s advanced interactive applications.

“Cable operators have been doing a tremendous job advancing their networks to offer increasingly personalized programming and advertising services that are delivered on-demand,” said Ramin Farassat, VP of product marketing for RGB. “The people most responsible for this evolving revolution are the attendees here at Cable-Tec, which makes it the perfect venue to demonstrate our advanced solutions to the industry.”

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