Online video startup ZeeVee has completed an undisclosed second round of funding, giving the company a total of “double-digit millions” to date, VentureWire reported.

Participants in the round included Alpond Capital and JLL Ventures.

Last week, ZeeVee launched its ZvBox, a new consumer electronics product for watching any Internet TV – either online video or computer content on high-definition televisions (HDTVs) at home. The box is available for preorder online exclusively at

The ZvBox connects to the monitor output of a computer and turns it into a new HDTV channel called Zv, which is then broadcast across the existing cable wiring to all HDTVs in the home. As a result, ZvBox frees TV watchers from set-top boxes (STBs), network schedules and laptop video viewing.

ZvBox represents a new product category for consumer electronics called “localcasting,” a method for broadcasting anything a computer can do using the home’s existing cable wiring and the TV tuners already embedded in HDTVs.

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