The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) Foundation has released a list of its Founding Donors – 75 industry corporations, SCTE Chapters and individuals who donated or pledged more than $225,000 during the Foundation’s Founding Donor Campaign.

The campaign launched in the third quarter of 2007 and concluded April 1. The companies, chapters and individuals chose from three different donation levels – benefactor, supporter or contributor.

Corporate founding donors include:

  • Benefactors: Arris, CommScope
  • Supporter: Time Warner Cable
  • Contributors: Aurora Networks, Cox Communications, Thomson Grass Valley, Charter Communications, SeaChange International

Chapter founding donors include:

  • Benefactor: New England Chapter
  • Supporter: Green Mountain Chapter
  • Contributors: Central Florida Chapter, Chattahoochee Chapter, Lighthouse Chapter

Individual founding donors include:

  • Benefactors: Rick Bechtel, Michael T. Hayashi, Mark Mardis, Nomi M. Bergman, Keith Hayes, Marianne McClain, Paul Biederman, Edward D. Horowitz, Mark Millet, Jason T. Billings, Ron Hranac, Michael W. Pasquinilli, Maureen & Chris Bowick, Jim Hughes, Donald G. Reinhard, John Clark, Brenda Lee Hunt, Chris Seeber, Joseph Cutrona Jr., Yvette & Denton Kanouff, Karen Tynan, James Duratz, Sally L. Kinsman, Henry & Laura Vasquez, Bob Foote, Jonathan L. Kramer, Tom & Marj Wilcox, Bob Gold, Al Kuolas, Wendell D. Woody, Robert J. Greiner III, Peter G. Loscomb, Tim Yanda, Wayne Hall, Rickey Luke
  • Supporters: Greg Allshouse, Darin Helgeson, John Pudenz, Alex Balander, Paul Joong, Pat Skerry, Joseph J. Casasanta, Mike Phebus, Rich Woundy, Andrew J. Healey, James Pierce
  • Contributors: Richard Anderson, Ray V. Miller, Debra A. Swann, Richard D. Ashpole, Derrick Nguyen, Louise Wasilewski, Jim Egloff, Stephen P. Oksala, Cathy Wilson, Steve Gress, Steve Premo, John P. Jamar, Leslie “Les” H. Read

The SCTE Foundation, which was established in 2005 by the SCTE board of directors, provides educational opportunities for SCTE members and assists them in their professional development within cable and telecom engineering. The foundation began issuing grants in 2006 and has helped more than 40 SCTE members with a combined total of approximately $70,000.

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