Motorola introduced a new high-density, low-cost and low-power Universal edgeQAM (U-eQAM).

The APEX1000 is designed to be maximally flexible. It can operate in all open standard switched digital video (SDV) architectures, Motorola said, and software upgrades are available to enable support of broadcast and video-on-demand (VOD) services, as well as modular cable modem termination systems (CMTSs).

“Explosive growth in video-on-demand, HD programming and converged services is changing the shape of cable broadband delivery,” said Mark Depietro, VP of video access solutions for Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility business.

“In a switched digital video system, the APEX1000 allows cable operators to offer more HD and on-demand content, as well as more high-speed data channels,” Depietro added.

The APEX1000 supports standards-based video and high-speed data interfaces, while the physical chassis offers field-swappable QAM modules and redundant swappable power supplies in a low-power 1 rack unit (RU) platform. Any of the QAM channels available can be used for VOD, SDV, broadcast services or DOCSIS high-speed data.

It is available in 2x4 (up to four QAM channels per port), 2x8 (up to eight QAM channels per port) and a QAM module software upgrade to field-convert a 2x4 module to a 2x8 module.

Features include network de-jittering, MPEG multiplexing, message insertion and PSI generation following MPEG-2 transport specifications.

The Motorola APEX1000 will available in Q2.

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