Cisco is making its play for integrating mobile firmly within the business applications market with the introduction of four software modules for its 3300 Series Mobility Services Engine (MSE).

The four initial software offerings for the MSE are Context-Aware Software, Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (wIPS), Secure Client Manager and Mobile Intelligent Roaming.

The Cisco MSE and its software integrate with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network portfolio, Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco-compatible devices.

The MSE platform has an open API, allowing Cisco and other parties to consolidate and support an array of mobility services across both wireless and wired networks. Other companies developing applications that work with the MSE platform include Nokia, Oracle, AeroScout, Agito Networks, Airetrak, IntelliDOT, Johnson Controls (healthcare) and OATSystems (manufacturing).

"Today's business mobility challenges cannot be solved using only traditional wireless LAN solutions when multiple network elements are converging and need to collaborate,” said Brett Galloway, SVP of Cisco's Wireless and Security Technology Group. “Cisco's Motion approach is a true services-oriented network architecture that creates a mobility network as a platform for integrating key business strategies, processes and goals."

“To meet and exceed business mobility expectations, IT must secure and manage a range of devices, integrate multiple networks, enable applications, access information with a high level of security, and help ensure a consistent experience regardless of network connection or location,” Galloway continued.

Context-Aware Software captures contextual information from a full range of sensors, mobile devices and RFID tags over the Cisco Unified Wireless Network.

Mobile Intelligent Roaming facilitates seamless handoff of dual-mode mobile devices between Wi-Fi and cellular networks based on availability, real-time network information and user location.

Adaptive Wireless IPS integrates wireless threat detection, mitigation, vulnerability scanning and performance monitoring into the wireless network. It assists in protecting against rogue access points and clients, wireless hacking and day-zero threats.

The Secure Client Manager centralizes the security and management of provisioning various mobile devices via the Cisco Secure Services Client 802.1X solution over wired, Wi-Fi, cellular and other wireless networks.

The Cisco 3350 Mobility Services Engine is scheduled to begin shipping in June, with prices beginning at $19,995. Some software modules will not follow until later.

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