Camiant announced that it has released a new application that helps cable operators dynamically manage their broadband networks.

Camiant’s Fair Use Management (FUM) application works in conjunction with the company’s Multimedia Policy Engine (MPE) to establish and manage bandwidth quotas.

Fair Use Management uses an application-agnostic approach that helps address IP traffic congestion to ensure customer satisfaction in a manner consistent with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines on network management.

According to a recent report by Cisco, Internet traffic will increase year-to-year by an average of 42 percent over the next three years. Cable operators will need to juggle the increased demand placed on their networks by peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic, large downloads and real-time streaming.

Operators using Camiant’s MPE policy server and FUM application can set policies to dynamically maintain balanced broadband performance, no matter what the sources of high consumption might be at any given time within a service area.

“The precipitous rise of global network traffic in the coming years will force operators to take a new look at how best to manage their networks to handle increasingly dire capacity restraints," said Dianne Northfield, director of regulatory research for the Yankee Group. "Cable operators would be wise to examine how they can employ application-agnostic policy controls that will allow for better bandwidth management, while maintaining compliance with transparency and nondiscrimination requirements in an evolving regulatory environment.”

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