AdGorilla has officially announced the creation of a new operating division – dubbed AdGorillai – which will house the company’s new i Capture push2call technology.

CED reported on the new division, as well as the new technology, last month (story here).

AdGorillai ’s i Capture push2call callback technology will be unveiled at The Cable Show ’08 in New Orleans. It blends customer relationship management with online advertising opportunities for use on cable operators’ Web sites. The company will be showcasing i Capture at its booth – #738 – as well as holding a press conference on May 18, tentatively at either 3:30 or 4:30 p.m. CDT.

Kim Gilmartin, a 15-year cable industry veteran who most recently served as president of Blue Vista Media, has been named president of the new division.

“The new i Capture technology brings a new dimension of collaboration between cable operators and programmers,” Gilmartin said. “For cable programmers, it provides an opportunity to direct an extremely well-targeted, technically impressive and nonintrusive message to exactly the right person at exactly the time that person is looking to buy. Ordinary concerns about consumer aggravation are reduced, and the need for demographics about the viewer is eliminated. Both cable operators and cable programmers are now able to partner in ways that they have not been able to before.”

Prior to Blue Vista Media, Gilmartin was director of sales and new business for the Comcast Media Center, where she was responsible for the sales and distribution of Hits digital applications.

AdGorillai is one of three divisions of AdGorilla, a Littleton, Colo.-based company that provides advertising representation services for cable operators of all sizes. The company manufactures low-cost, reliable ad-insertion equipment that requires minimal rack space.

The other two divisions are AdGorillaq, a vertically integrated ad and sales company for the cable and Internet markets, and AdGorillatv, a full-service ad-insertion company. AdGorillaq is the hardware division that designs, manufactures and deploys the company’s RevGen analog and digital-into-digital ad-insertion system.

AdGorilla is working with a “major IPTV provider,” as well as a “major programming group,” to provide the company’s RevGen IPTV solution, AdGorilla CEO Dan Ryan told CED last month.

And the company plans to officially announce its Digital Program Insertion (DPI) platform sometime soon; the platform is currently in the final testing stage with Click! Network.

Ryan told CED last month that the DPI is a “solution in a box,” which makes it stand apart from competitors. Ad splicing, ad insertion, ad serving and multiplexing all occur in the one box – which takes up four rack units (4RU) of space – whereas competitors require two or three boxes to perform the same capabilities. And AdGorilla’s platform serves 10 channels for about $30,000 – compared with similar systems that cost more than $100,000 for the same capability.

Cable operators, particularly small operators, are spending a lot of money to upgrade their networks for the digital transition, Ryan told CED, and AdGorilla’s ad-insertion platform allows these operators to benefit from digital ad insertion in a cost-efficient manner.

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