Ruckus Wireless has combined the mesh approach with Wi-Fi networking and announced that a hotel chain is employing the new system.

Ruckus has introduced the SmartMesh wireless LAN, based on its own ZoneFlex 802.11n access points, to enable a new class of WLANs that self-organize, self-optimize and self-heal. The company said that a mesh Wi-Fi network provides performance, coverage and capacity scaling that can pave the way to ubiquitous mobility for the enterprise.

Ruckus claims that SmartMesh WLANs can be deployed in half of the time, at half the cost, and get three times the performance of typical WLANs.

Lodgian, an independent owner/operator of hotels in the U.S., is among the first companies to deploy the Ruckus SmartMesh and 802.11n solutions. Within the 180-room Buckhead Courtyard Marriott hotel, Lodgian has deployed the Ruckus SmartMesh to provide high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity to every inch of the property.

In addition to SmartMesh, Ruckus Wireless also introduced the ZoneDirector 3000, a line of scalable enterprise WLAN controllers for Ruckus ZoneFlex APs, and the Ruckus FlexMaster remote Wi-Fi management system for centralized management of ZoneFlex APs and/or WLANs over a wide area IP network.

Ruckus CEO Selina Lo said: “802.11n is ready and perfect today as a high-speed wireless backbone to aggregate lower-speed Wi-Fi clients. We've gone a step further to remove the complexity in deploying and operating wireless meshing. The same Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology in the Ruckus AP that selects best signal paths has now been extended to SmartMesh to provide automatic, network-wide optimum path selection and interference mitigation.”

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