MobiTV has launched its enhanced Optimized Delivery Server – a scalable, secure and optimized method for distributing enhanced live, clip-linear, video-on-demand (VOD) and downloadable media via broadband and wireless networks.

MobiTV has already integrated the technology into its Connected Media Solutions, an end-to-end managed hosted service. Additionally, the company said that it is making its Optimized Delivery Server available for licensing to partners and customers seeking solutions for delivering high-quality video and rich media over existing network ecosystems.

"MobiTV allows carriers and operators access to this next-generation media distribution solution on their terms,” said Charlie Nooney, CEO of MobiTV. “Whether they want a fully managed, end-to-end hosted network solution or the ability to license components of our system that can interoperate with their existing infrastructure, the choice is now theirs."

MobiTV's standards-based Optimized Delivery Server (RTP/RTSP and 3GPP compliant) combines unicast and multicast distribution methods, creating a single delivery platform that improves video quality and decreases backhaul, the company said. The technology optimizes network resources by creating a distributed network and includes comprehensive usage reporting, fully redundant architecture and support for all types of devices.

"Our Optimized Delivery Server represents a huge evolutionary leap forward in the ability to efficiently, cost-effectively and compellingly deliver multimedia data over broadband and wireless networks," said Kay Johansson, CTO of MobiTV. “By providing support for both multicast and unicast delivery, we now offer flexibility in the utilization of network resources without channel lineup limitations.

“In addition, MobiTV's technology enables targeted ad insertion and compelling interactivity and personalization services that can truly drive mass-market usage and monetization opportunities."

Meanwhile, MobiTV will be participating in and providing interactive capabilities for the consumer trials announced today by the A-VSB Initiative. The consumer trials are set for later this year, in one or more U.S. markets.

A-VSB is a proposed open standard and backward-compatible enhancement of the existing U.S. digital TV broadcasting system. It includes the A-VSB physical layer and global standard OMA BCAST application layer for mobile broadcasting, showing live local and national content, as well as providing interactivity. A-VSB has been proposed to the ATSC for its upcoming mobile and handheld standard ATSC-M/H.

"In conjunction with mobile broadcast, we believe the optimum user experiences will include a combination of interactive and personalized services," Johansson said. "Content providers, advertisers, and ultimately viewers will all benefit from a more customized and rich mobile television experience."

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