Pitney Bowes MapInfo announced today that Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) Los Angeles division is using its location intelligence service to identify new customers for its sales team.

MapInfo uses a combination of global information system (GIS), software and data services to help cable operators find new customers in their footprints. Once customers are located through MapInfo’s services, a cable operator’s sales team can identify new sales opportunities through multi-layer mapping analysis.

With increased competition, cable operators are able to use mapping analysis to keep track of homes passed and new builds in their respective areas. TWC’s Los Angeles division has been using MapInfo for about three months.

“MapInfo location intelligence solutions have become an integral and essential tool for business development,” said Ron Di Grandi, director of business development for TWC. “Viewing data in spreadsheets did not provide the information that we needed to fully grasp where, and sometimes even why, there were sales opportunities and challenges in a particular region. Our sales team is also now able to determine where they have made an impact and where they need to concentrate sales efforts.”

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