Integrated Photonics Technology (Ipitek) announced today that its 10 Gigabit MSP-10GE Ethernet platform now features tools that enable proactive monitoring and maintenance of broadband networks.

The new tools were designed to help cable and data communications distributors monitor the health of their networks by enabling them to anticipate and remedy problems before they negatively affect network service.
The new tools continually check for problems in network traffic with configurable alarm thresholds based on various statistics and traffic utilization.

The product supports industry-standard protocols for network and element management, making it possible for network administrators to monitor for alarms whenever error thresholds are crossed using the current and future management system.

The new tools will be standard issue on all new shipments of Ipitek’s MSP-10GE Ethernet platform. Current Ipitek customers will need a software upgrade to access the new features.

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