Juniper Networks has introduced a product it calls a Control Plane Scaling platform.

In general terms, the JCS 1200 should reduce network contention for control resources, thereby increasing overall network efficiency, and in the process making it easier to add new services.

As service providers add services on a converged IP infrastructure, the contention increases among services for access to control plane capacity, Juniper explained. With the JCS 1200, Juniper obviates the problem by decoupling the control plane from the routing infrastructure.

Juniper has been employing the concept of decoupling control and forwarding planes for years in its core routers. Juniper’s approach has been to distribute the control and forwarding functions to different processors within the physical router chassis, without the intervention of software.

The problem is that traffic is increasing, but individual routers are designed with a fixed amount of control plane resources, leaving providers with few options when faced with adding control plane capacity without sacrificing forwarding capacity. Thus the impetus to introduce the JCS 1200.

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