Cisco is showcasing its mobility applications at this week’s Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Cisco is teaming with a number of companies to showcase applications and services, including the DVB-H Mobile TV solution, which has an open, standards-based architecture. Also being shown is Three-Screen Video, an IP-based solution that allows users to move content between devices such as the TV, PC and handheld.

VoIP for Mobile Operators is being demonstrated. The Cisco Service Exchange Framework allows operators to bridge VoIP users with mobile voice networks. The solution is supported by an application server from iSkoot, which acts as a VoIP proxy for subscribers.

Additionally, Cisco is demonstrating its fixed/mobile communications (FMC) solution, the Cisco Mobile Office, which enables service providers to offer mobility to enterprises and small- and medium-size businesses (SMB). And Cisco’s Parental Portal, Mobile Content Services are being showcased.

Finally, Cisco's end-to-end broadband wireless solutions portfolio is being showcased, including the Wireless Mesh Network, WiMAX radio network and ASN Gateway.

"Never before has it been so important that all mobile content and data be delivered instantly across technologies to users globally with the same quality we have come to expect from wireline access," said Larry Lang, VP and GM of the Service and Mobility Business Unit at Cisco.

"Our desire for on-the-move connectivity has seen a marked growth in the demand for streaming visual content and applications that allow us to collaborate more effectively when on the move,” he continued.

“Teaming with a number of industry players, we are enabling service providers to deliver compelling new services that allow people to live the connected life."

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