Cablevision Systems has struck a deal that will allow the MSO to deliver some video-on-demand (VOD) movies on the same day that the movies are available on DVD.

Cablevision has partnered with Popcorn Home Entertainment for the new service, called “Popcorn DVDs On-Demand,” which is set to launch this week. In order to use the service, Cablevision’s New York metropolitan-area customers have to agree to purchase the actual DVD, as well, which is shipped directly to the subscribers.

"Popcorn is the first service that combines the first-day-of-release freshness of owning DVDs with the simplicity, convenience and instant viewing provided by on-demand,” said Popcorn Home Entertainment CEO Steve Brenner. “Cablevision has established a leadership position in delivering the latest technologies to its customers and embracing new opportunities, like Popcorn. Movie lovers enjoy the benefits and extra features associated with owning a DVD, but they also crave the instant gratification of on-demand. Popcorn DVDs On-Demand delivers the best of both worlds."

Movies slated to be released this week via the service include: “The Bourne Ultimatum,” “The Kingdom,” “Eastern Promises” and “Sydney White.”

Cablevision’s digital subscribers will be charged $19.95 plus shipping for the new releases, while older releases will cost between $9.95 and $15.95.

"This is an exciting new service that allows our digital cable customers to watch top new release films weeks before they are widely available for on-demand viewing, and then own the DVD of their selection," said Patricia Gottesman, Cablevision's EVP of digital marketing and commerce. "It is also a major step forward in giving our customers new ways to quickly and easily purchase goods and services from a wide variety of companies, using our fiber optic network and the advanced set-top box that is already in the home."

Comcast and Time Warner Cable have conducted trials in several systems related to movie releases delivered to customers the same day that they are released on DVD.

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