Transparent Video Systems (TVS) has announced the first customer for its digital cable solution: Coaxial Cable TV, a triple-play provider in rural Pennsylvania.

TVS’ standards-based, end-to-end solution – designed for small- to medium-size cable systems, but with the potential to aid larger systems, as well – comprises headend encoding, multiplexing and modulation, a multi-service subscriber management and provisioning system, a conditional access system with separable security cards, and multiple set-top box (STB) options, including high-definition (HD) STBs and dual-tuner personal video recorders (PVRs).

Because the platform relies on open standards, cable operators can choose the programming that they prefer. The operators can also choose whether or not to buy STBs from TVS, which offers the boxes for less than $100 each. And because the solution is future-proof, operators can make incremental additions as they desire.

Last summer, Coaxial Cable TV had about 600 digital subscribers, but they were losing them to satellite providers – small- and medium-size operators’ largest competition. The operator’s customers wanted more programming options and better quality of service (QoS). The operator installed TVS’ system in July, and today, Coaxial Cable TV has more than 1,000 digital subscribers.

“In addition to being highly affordable, the TVS solution allows us to control our own destiny by not having to rely on third parties to package and provision content,” said Chris Lovell, GM of Coaxial Cable TV. “In 2008, we plan to add high-definition capabilities, as well as converting our entire subscriber base to digital using Transparent Video Systems.”

TVS’ goal is to install 300 additional systems in the next few years, according to TVS President Norman Gillaspie, and that goal will be met. As of now, Coaxial Cable is the only announced customer, but the company said more announcements are expected in the coming weeks.

“Satellite providers are going to feel us in the marketplace,” Gillaspie said.

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