After successfully suing Vonage and Voiceglo Communications for infringing its patents covering voice-over-packet (VOP) technology, Sprint is suing four other companies for the same reason.

In Sprint’s crosshairs are NuVox Communications, Broadvox, Big River Telephone Co. and Paetec Communications.

Sprint has charged each with infringing at least six VOP patents by selling VOP services that utilize the Sprint patents. Sprint seeks monetary damages from these companies and an injunction that would enjoin the companies from ongoing infringement.

Vonage went to trial, lost in October and was ordered to pay Sprint $69.5 million in damages. It subsequently licensed Sprint’s VOP patent portfolio.

Voiceglo, the other company that Sprint sued, settled with Sprint. Voiceglo shut down in March of last year, apparently for reasons unrelated to the Sprint suit. Voiceglo had repeatedly used spam on MySpace to advertise its services; MySpace sued to have Voiceglo stop, and won.

The same patents asserted against Vonage and Voiceglo in the 2005 case have been asserted in the four new cases. Sprint says it has 115 patents related to VOP.

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