SeaChange International Inc. has signed a one-year Master Purchase Agreement with one of the five largest cable TV companies in the U.S. – which are Comcast Corp.Time Warner CableCox CommunicationsCharter Communications and Cablevision.

SeaChange said the agreement includes the purchase of the vendor’s video-on-demand (VOD) software and hardware and ad-insertion solutions, as well as associated support services. 

The agreement makes SeaChange the exclusive provider of VOD software and hardware for the unnamed cable operator.

This marks the second Master Purchase Agreement that SeaChange has completed in the past two months, and the company said it expects to finalize two more similar agreements “in the near future.”

SeaChange’s VOD platform comprises the Axiom, MediaCluster and QuickSilver technologies. SeaChange Axiom is an on-demand infrastructure software that automates the ingest, lifecycle management and delivery of on-demand content for both cable and IPTV networks.

The SeaChange MediaCluster architecture delivers independently scalable storage, streaming and ingest capabilities that reduce the cost of storing and delivering video libraries. And the SeaChange QuickSilver content prep tools ingest content for any delivery format, from any source, including tapes, editing suites, DVDs, broadcast servers and ad-insertion servers.

The company’s ad-insertion technology, the AdPulse On Demand Advertising System, provides the extensions to core VOD technology and provides the ad management backoffice functions to automate the dynamic insertion of ads into on-demand video streams. With the AdPulse platform, ads and content are separate until playout, ads are tracked separately and precisely, ad placement decisions are made dynamically at playout and ads are spliced into content at playout.

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