RGB Networks’ Dynamic Bandwidth Manager (DBM) has completed testing with one of the top five U.S. cable operators (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter and Cablevision).

The DBM was integrated into the operator’s system – which monitors and tests new and existing digital cable technologies – and all aspects of the product were evaluated, including its use as part of an operator’s complete video-on-demand (VOD) system.

“The popularity of VOD is increasing rapidly, and operators are interested in adding more HD VOD services, consuming vast amounts of bandwidth,” said Ramin Farassat, VP of product marketing for RGB.

“This successful testing proves that the DBM can address cable operators’ need to meet the growing demand for VOD programming, and continue to increase their HD VOD services, without resorting to costly or complicated measures for increasing available bandwidth.”

The DBM can lower an operator’s VOD bandwidth usage by up to 50 percent through the simultaneous processing of up to 1,200 programs. This significantly lowers the cost-per-stream for operators to transrate individual VOD programs, RGB said.

The company’s product also enables the delivery of more VOD programming without impacting video quality, and the low latency of the DBM ensures a transparent experience when using VOD’s fast-forward, rewind and pause “trickplay” features.
If the DBM is purchased with licensing for Privacy Mode Encryption, cable operators can encrypt all of their VOD programs so that only authorized subscribers can view them. This requires the simultaneous bulk encryption of hundreds of VOD programs in real-time, which RGB claims can only be accomplished with the DBM.

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