Quartics is taking advantage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase three of its new products.

The company announced yesterday the integration of its PC2TV technology into the D-Link PC-on-TV player. Quartics' PC2TV technology lets consumers wirelessly send HD content from a PC to a TV, in any format, without buffering. According to Quartics, anything from a mobile-phone-downloaded video transferred to a PC or a PowerPoint presentation from work can be displayed without additional software on a TV.

"High-definition content on-demand and on a flexible platform has become the Holy Grail for consumer electronics," said Safi Qureshey, chairman and CEO of Quartics. "Our partnership with D-Link to embed our PC2TV technology into their PC-on-TV player is one step toward reaching this goal; consumers can now view whatever content they want from their PC or the Internet on their favorite display: their television."

Quartics also introduced its Mobile2Display technology at the show. Mobile2Display enables the wireless transmission of content from a mobile device - including Window's Mobile 5- or 6-based PDAs and smartphones - to projectors, TVs and other displays. Mobile2Display will be available on some PDAs and smartphones in the second quarter of this year.

Quartics is also giving a demonstration of its Blink Media Browser. The Blink Media Browser consolidates online and personal content and makes it accessible via one application, which helps customers create playlists and save favorites. Blink is available via a free download.

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