Continuing with the whole-home connectivity theme at CES, Broadcom announced an AVC/MPEG transcoder chip for home gateways, demo’d a reference design for a connected DTV platform, and announced customers for its Intensi-fi 802.11n wireless chips. All that plus its collaboration with Microsoft (see accompanying story).

Broadcom also revealed an HD AVC/MPEG encoder/transcoder that enables the personal computer to function as a multimedia gateway in the connected home. The system-on-a-chip (SoC) enables users to transfer audio/video content in real-time across several classes of consumer devices to and from the PC. Additionally, the SoC allows for advanced video editing and compression on the PC, enabling personal video recorder (PVR) and camcorder functionality, video conferencing and support for other audio/video applications that users may desire in the future.

The BCM70020 high definition video/audio real-time encoder/transcoder chip is sampling to early access customers.

The company is also demonstrating a digital television (DTV) design platform that enables connection to the web and home network, allowing consumers to access their personal videos, photos and music from their television. The connected DTV design platform also provides consumers with the ability to view video-on-demand (VoD), access internet-based TV and participate in interactive TV services. Broadcom's CES demonstration includes Best Buy's new Video Sharing service.

The two customers for Broadcom’s dual-band 802.11n chips are Netgear, which is using the device in its RangeMax Router, and Cisco’s Linksys unit, which is using the Broadcom silicon in its Ultra RangePlus Router. The 802.11n version of Wi-Fi, still being worked on, promises maximum data rates of 248 Mbps (extant 802.11g has a theoretical max of 54 Mbps).

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