The city of Temple, Texas, has established its own wireless backhaul system for city services, a network based on seven wireless links from BridgeWave Communications.

BridgeWave’s FE80U point-to-point wireless links will be used to transport city-wide voice, data and video traffic at up to 100 Mbps. The system is upgradeable to full gigabit Ethernet.

While Temple’s city hall and major facilities – including the police station, fire department, library, public works, court and fleet maintenance center – are connected via fiber optic links, the remaining sites initially utilized an ad hoc combination of low-speed wireless, T1, ISDN, DSL and cable modem solutions.

Network congestion, bandwidth limitations and unreliable performance of aging 5.8 GHz radios led the team to explore other cost-effective connectivity methods, according to BridgeWave.

With assistance from Redmoon Inc. – a wireless solutions provider based in Plano, Tex. – Temple created a high-capacity wireless backbone, incorporating seven BridgeWave field-upgradeable 80 GHz wireless links with a 5.8 GHz mesh access system. The self-healing network aggregates and backhauls traffic over a mesh-ring topology with built-in redundancy for maximum service availability.

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