WildBlue Enterprise Solutions has upgraded its dish offering, and the company is collaborating on new digs for the satellite broadband Internet market and a new high-performance VPN network.

Later this month, WildBlue will offer an optional, larger satellite dish to its business customers who subscribe to its enterprise products. The .98 meter dish is designed to improve network availability on WildBlue’s broadband Internet service for business and government customers with Ka-band, spot beam satellites.

WildBlue offers business-class broadband connectivity via satellite technology for small-, medium- and large-size businesses and government agencies. The company works with a network of national value-added resellers (VARs) throughout the U.S. 
The company is also collaborating with UDcast - a provider of solutions enabling IP-over-broadcast media - to jointly develop products, services and markets for the enhanced delivery of broadband Internet via satellite to the small- and medium-size business sector.

WildBlue has approved UDcast’s UDgateway as an accelerated VPN solution for enterprise users of its satellite broadband Internet service. The UDgateway is designed to securely enhance IP network capabilities over satellite links and to bring broadband functionalities to satellite broadband connections.

"Satellite IP broadband is an ideal solution for many businesses in rural areas, as it enables them to bridge the digital divide, allowing for such things as high-speed connectivity, business continuity, [and] emergency and crisis communications regardless of location,"  said Antoine Clerget, VP of engineering and co-founder of UDcast.

Additionally, WildBlue, XipLink and Trispen Technologies are working on a technical and commercial solution to provide a new integrated VPN network for small- to medium-size businesses. The secure VPN network will allow for accelerated communications and optimized bandwidth via satellite, and it will be available through WildBlue’s VARs.

The network will use the XipLink acceleration appliance, WildBlue’s satellite equipment and Trispen’s VPN (IPsec) software.