Best Buy-owned Speakeasy announced today that it has expanded the company’s VoIP portfolio with the addition of two new digital voice options for small businesses.
The new services include a product offering that uses Speakeasy’s 15 Mbps broadband pipe and a Small Office Calling Plan that can be used with any broadband service.

For small businesses that want download speeds of up to 15 Mbps, Speakeasy said it is one of the only providers in the United States to offer ADSL2 broadband with VoIP. With voice over ADSL2, customers receive Speakeasy's voice-optimized nationwide network, uptime and quality of service guarantees and customer support.

Customers use a single high-speed connection for both voice and data traffic, where both inbound and outbound voice traffic is prioritized over data.

Speakeasy's EasyVoice Small Office Calling Plan offers businesses with five employees or fewer the option of using any broadband service provider. The Small Office Calling Plan is priced at $19.95 a month, per employee.

"By offering both voice and broadband, Speakeasy has the ability to control the quality of service and reliability a customer receives when using our voice services over our broadband," said Bruce Chatterley, Speakeasy's president and CEO, in a statement. "However, we wanted to give customers the flexibility to choose their broadband provider to accommodate a range of small business needs."

Speakeasy was purchased by Best Buy in April, and its broadband, voice and managed service offering are available through Best Buy for Business in the United States.