Navic Networks has unveiled two new services related to addressable advertising, one of which is Admira, a media placement service that utilizes census-level STB measurement data to increase the value of TV advertising inventory.

Admira pairs an advertiser’s desired target audience with the media owner’s inventory to simplify the buying process and provide targeted impressions that can be measured. The service places relevant video in multiple programs and markets, including linear and addressable programming, switched broadcast, VOD and DVR playback.

“Admira is a long-overdue solution that gives video advertising planning and buying professionals a fighting chance to keep pace with television's explosive changes by providing a powerful targeting system that helps lift the effectiveness of increasingly complicated video ad campaigns,” said Tim Hanlon, SVP at Denuo.

The service is currently in commercial trials in multiple markets, Admira said, and has had success with interoperability.

Navic has also unveiled a new service that enables TV viewers to request (via their remote control) that digital coupons and product information be sent to their mobile phone through an SMS message. 

The service is offered as an extension to Navic’s addressable ad solutions, which enable viewers to request that an advertiser contact them or send them information via e-mail or standard mail.

With the new service, advertisers can reach consumers with interactive overlays during 30- and 60-second linear ads, or within interactive ad destinations. Navic’s HyperCast Network can then be used to access usage information and assess the success of each campaign.