Global Communications demonstrated its VUTP Platform and products today at the IDG Network DEMO trade show.

The company’s patented technologies are designed to provide access over existing wireline and wireless networks. The VUTP Platform architecture is a portfolio of broadband products that enable the deployment of a national-scale, broadband service capable of supporting voice, video and data in any city or country worldwide.

VUTP is a pure analog solution delivering bi-directional triple play services over legacy copper phone lines. Global Communications said VUTP runs at speeds up to 100 times faster than DSL or ADSL.

The new architecture supports pure analog and pure digital environments equally and consists of three products: VUTP (Video over Untwisted Pair), VUTP Light and SECOS (Scalable Electronic Command Control Operating System).

VUTP Light is an all-digital solution enabling wireless transmission of video, voice and data point-to-point or multi-point with 1 Gbps bandwidth that stretches from four to 20 miles. It can extend the reach of fiber optics in a WiFi-like environment without fiber optic glass or mobile towers.

Global Communications said SECOS can scale to support 100 million electrical or communications devices in real time.

"Although broadband usage appears to be increasing at a rapid pace, usage in rural or low socio-economic communities is significantly lower, which represents 70 percent of the world's population. This is due to the enormous expense of using traditional methods to replace or upgrade existing networks," said J. Johnson, chairman and founder, Global Communications. "VUTP architecture enables universal broadband access to any community or country worldwide and removes the barriers of cost."

According to Global, the architecture can be used to provide interactive 3D TV and up to 2,000 channels of HDTV anywhere in terrestrial environments worldwide with or without a phone company or cable company.

Last week Rim Semiconductor Company announced it would test its speed enhancement product that is designed to run over existing copper in the service network of Ringgold Telephone in Ringgold, Ga.