Auspice has introduced a new product that enables operators to monitor their networks, as well as the devices attached to their networks, and correlate that information to customer metrics. The information can be used, Auspice said, to evaluate how network performance impacts customer behavior, and ultimately, to improve network performance and reduce customer churn.

Auspice’s new OpsLogic ServiceManager fits in with the company’s OpsLogic suite of service assurance products. It is based on Auspice’s correlation and intelligent automation capabilities.

With ServiceManager, operators can reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) by monitoring and correlating events across their entire infrastructure in real-time, providing intelligent actionable alarms. Auspice said its products are deployed at Tier-1 MSOs and have been proven to scale to millions of devices and new service offerings.

Features include:
* Interactive alarm reports for automatic detection of outages and problems affecting customers.
* Real-time Web-based display of E-MTA/DOCSIS device inventory by node, upstream and CMTSs.
* Periodic monitoring, aggregation and correlation across the entire HFC infrastructure to proactively determine the impact of outages across a multi-service network.
* Graphical user-interface-based configurations with single portal for simplified administration and set-up.
* On-demand real-time status and performance of per-customer service information.
* Historical trend analysis to proactively detect degradations before they impact a customer’s service.
* Ability to easily integrate with third-party network monitoring systems, billing, provisioning, ticketing and other systems.