Scopus Video Networks said it received a follow-on order from a "top-tier" U.S. MSO - which it declined to identify - for its integrated digital simulcast IP network products.

Scopus said its customer plans to use Scopus' solution to offer hundreds of channels into a new geographic region.

Scopus was chosen to provide a fully integrated system incorporating all video processing components of a digital simulcast system, including software for remotely monitoring and managing all the components from one user interface.

The deployment includes Scopus UE-9000 real-time encoders, IVG-7000 Intelligent Video Gateway (IVG) platforms, UID-2900 Dense Edge Decoders, and NMS management software at the headends.

Scopus' UE-9000 real-time encoders digitize television feeds prior to transport over an IP network to multiple headends, and Scopus' IVG-7500 for Digital Program Insertion (DPI) enables insertion of local television advertisements in the digital domain. At each headend, Scopus IVG-7000s aggregate feeds and provide advanced processing capabilities, such as joint transrating, grooming, and rate shaping, for better channel use and bandwidth efficiency.

Scopus' UID-2900 IP dense edge decoders decode the digital feeds, enabling broadcast to digital and analog subscribers simultaneously over a single IP video distribution network.

The entire system is managed and monitored by Scopus' Network Management System (NMS), enabling encoder-to-edge, full system control and monitoring. The NMS monitors and manages all components from one GUI and allows users to perform those functions remotely.